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The main thing in the project of creating your own social network, in addition to a well-thought-out concept and a successfully occupied niche, is the choice of the right platform. It is not necessary to strive to compete with Facebook in order to get its share of a satisfying pie in this industry, however, some elements of the strategy, and especially technical solutions, can be copied. The most important element of a successful strategy, as Zuckerberg’s practice and experience has shown, is the right platform.

Price issue

On free "engines" social networks are not made. And Zuckerberg did not make his Facebook on public software. The future world giant found a chance for existence only after multi-million infusions, and there is reason for this. Social networks are a highly loaded resource, designed for the simultaneous presence of millions of users in this space, which, of course, not a single free software can stand.

The costs of creating your own much more modest than Facebook social network today are from 50 thousand dollars and higher (according to the "average check" for the creation of specialized social networks based on QSNE ). Without such a budget you can’t even dream about your own successful virtual product.

Custom design

This is the best solution to the problem, although even a product with a very modest design, skinny content and a simple blog will still cost at least four zeros (in dollars). This should also include the cost of promotion and optimization, whose competent strategy is a large part of success.

Social networking solutions available today:

PHPFox: an inexpensive option, has become the main set of simple social networks, the cost of the product is about $ 100.

Oxwall: an open source project, you can use it for free, in any case, a demo version of the product.

QSNE is the best solution

 The SaaS platform Qwerty Social Network Engine is a combination of hardware and software complex of frameworks for creating highly loaded web projects, including horizontally scalable, multilingual social networks that can withstand huge traffic, while ensuring the highest level of security and protection of user data. 

The cost of such a solution based on QSNE is from 30 to 150 thousand euros, the “average check” of specialized social networks based on QSNE is from 30 to 50 thousand euros. For complex cross-platform projects with a branched architecture, the average bill can be about 150-200 thousand.

However, Qwerty Networks company not only fulfills orders to create powerful systems and social networks, but also offers co-financing (up to 70%) to those projects whose ideas they find interesting on mutually beneficial conditions. In this case, the cost of creating your product can be reduced by more than half.

In addition, QSNE-based solutions:

• erase linguistic boundaries - the platform works in 47 languages of the peoples of the world;
• integrate with different software platforms,
• adapt to any requirements,
• offer functional solutions on neural networks and other technologies.

The platform is designed for horizontally-scalable projects, contains specialized solutions in case of attacks, uses artificial intelligence systems to rank data and administer the project, and has aggressive caching mechanisms.

Qwerty Networks has its own infrastructure. On the basis of QSNE solutions, dozens of successful world projects have been implemented - social networks, dating sites, payment systems, international portals and other interesting projects. One of the main activities of the company is its own developments in the field of artificial intelligence - Qwerty AI , - which are used in all products of the company.

Ovo je automatski prijevod.
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