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When developing a portal focused on an international audience, it will be necessary to solve a number of difficult problems. In particular, the problem of providing users with relevant information for the region of their residence, although they speak different languages, live in different regions, but have the same needs and requirements.

Multilingual SEO

The user always appreciates the opportunity to receive answers to his inquiries in his native language. However, the results of issuing answers in the search should not depend on the physical position of the user. Here multilingual SEO comes to the rescue - website optimization to the requests of multilingual users who want to receive information in their native or selected languages. That is, you have to provide them with identical content, but in different translations.

Multiregional SEO

If you do not create several versions of the resource translated into different languages, you will have to implement multi-regional SEO - optimize the site for the requests of an audience physically located in different regions, adapting the resource to the conditions of search engines, providing relevant information to residents of different regions, taking into account nuances like the difference in currency names, their course, etc.

Translation of CMS menu and content

Translation of content is best entrusted to professional translators, although in some cases you can use the plug-ins of the “engine”, with the ability to customize the appearance of the language switching widget. Professional solutions that use the capabilities of artificial intelligence allow intelligent high-quality translation of content into the languages of readers. An example of such a reluctance is the Qwerty Social Network Engine (QSNE) platform for creating international portals and social networks!

URL structure

When switching from one language to another, users switch between web pages, each of which has a unique URL. On a multilingual resource, you should choose a URL structure that meets the needs of users, taking into account the current requirements for search engine optimization and building a site map. QSNE allows you to organize a URL structure of the form ru.qwertynetworks.com , where the third-level domain is the two-letter ISO-language code.

Proper language targeting

Users, regardless of their location, should be able to perceive content in different language versions. To do this, you need to apply markup using the hreflang attributes, which tells the search engines in which language the page exists by reference. Moreover, the attribute must be present on each page in its any language version.

Targeting the audience of a multilingual resource is carried out according to the language preferences of users, regardless of their geographical location.

If a multilingual audience is scattered across different countries, there is a need to create both a multilingual and multi-regional site, or a two-in-one site. In this regard, it will be necessary to solve the difficult task of producing language and regional versions of pages, the way to solve which directly depends on the set of CMS features.

But the main task in the matter of a multilingual resource is in one way or another to provide users with the opportunity to choose their own language or region in the menu of the web resource.

How to choose a platform for creating a multilingual resource

Multilingual site - the ability to switch the language without losing the meaning of the content. This functionality is undoubtedly convenient and in demand by users. Such functionality should be adapted to a specific project in a unique way. Creating a website for an audience speaking different languages is a difficult and responsible work. The choice of implementation methods will depend on the goals and objectives of each individual project.

The Qwerty Social Network Engine platform, which implements many well-known international projects, social networks, dating sites, as well as specialized portals, is designed to create multilingual resources. For instance:

• international platform Qwerty.blog, working in 47 languages;
• B2Bingo.com social business network for business uses 8 languages,
• social network for VetWorld.net for pet owners and many others.

This platform creates web resources for communication between people living anywhere in the world, dating sites, and highly loaded portals. The platform understands the problem of mutual understanding of users without resorting to a translator, with the help of its own development - Qwerty AI artificial intelligence. Users of resources created on the basis of QSNE, the language barrier is not only "not a hindrance" - it simply does not exist! After all, user publications, as well as functionality, are translated into the languages of readers in compliance with all SEO requirements and layout.

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