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A corporate portal is a service of providing employees of a company with access to internal working and commercial information, something like a social network, only within one separate organization.

Portals grew from corporate sites where news and information for staff were posted, documents were generated and stored, and there was a communication forum for employees and managers of various ranks. Access to such a site was strictly limited.

In the process of development, at first uncomplicated sites were equipped with functions that allow using the site as a space for common work.

Collection of information about business processes

The corporation portal is a center that combines many applications that allow you to collect information about any processes in the organization - production, personnel and others.

Advantages of the portal:

• Access to data stored on the company’s network.
• Personalization to the requirements of each employee.
• The ability to simultaneously work with applications.
• The possibility of interaction of the platform through the API with third-party applications.

The set of basic functions has already been worked out and approved by users, tested by time, therefore it is almost the same for all corportals:

o Communications based on instant messengers, chats, news feeds, own telephony, etc.
o Work with projects, including general ones, through built-in tools;
o Online collaboration services.
• Some portals are combined with CRM, which allows you to create lists - client databases, contact directories of partners.
o The portal makes it easy to navigate the structure of the company.
o Automation of operations, assignment of mechanical and similar work to artificial intelligence.

Portal Tasks

The main task is to increase efficiency. Virtual workspace allows you to evaluate the quality of business processes, track workload of employees, optimize control, save time and other resources.

In addition, the corporation creates the conditions for effective communication with colleagues, reduces the burden on employees and improves the quality of their work.

Portal Performance Measurement

The quality of the site’s work is measured by a single criterion - by the reaction of users. If the user is comfortable - the portal is good. If work on a resource reduces the effectiveness of an individual employee or unit, the portal must be rebuilt.

The most important categories of the portal’s tasks are communication efficiency, quality of services and the return on interaction with other channels.

Communication efficiency is analyzed based on traffic, user behavior, community activity and the usefulness of user generated content.

The quality of services is estimated by the speed of loading web pages, evaluating the usefulness of the material, the ease of use of forms. Another clear criterion is the release of personnel who previously supported the processes now transferred to the portal.

The productivity of interaction with other channels is estimated by the number of emails, online calls to technical assistance services, personal calls horizontally or vertically in the personnel structure.

It is best to analyze the operation of the portal with the proven old method - interview employees. People will honestly talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the created corporate product, focusing on their own daily experience. This will allow you to introduce functions that are missing, and remove those that are not needed.

Portal Implementation Effect

A portal is an expensive thing, so it should quickly pay for itself and make a profit. The most obvious advantages of such an acquisition:

• Speed of information search on one resource;
• Reducing the risk of information leakage;
• Convenience of joint work of employees on one project, reduction of time for coordination and movement of documents;
• Strengthening horizontal ties within the corporation;
• Improving corporate culture;
• Process improvement;
• Preservation and accumulation of valuable personal work experience;
• Monitoring the work of each employee online;
• An undoubted increase in the quality of interaction with customers and an increase in the efficiency of the company as a whole.

Who needs the benefits of the portal

To managers: obtaining operational information on any issue or condition of business processes;

Communications specialists: the ability to quickly receive and transmit information to both employees and customers or partners of the company

HR service: facilitation of work with the personnel, especially in large corporations, tracking the movement of personnel, collection, processing and storage of legal documents, work on the adaptation of new employees.

Acceleration of work and automation of many processes brings quite tangible material benefits to owners by saving time and significantly reducing costs. Investments in the creation of the portal will pay off if you use this modern tool competently - implement, configure, maintain, modify, modify.

Platform for creating a corporate portal

One of the market offers, the platform for creating Internet portals Qwerty SocialNetwork Engine. This hardware-software complex was created for powerful horizontally-scalable social networks and resources under heavy traffic.

QSNE solutions are available in 47 languages of the world, integrate with any software platform, adapt to any requirements. QSNE operates on the basis of its own infrastructure, its capabilities are practically unlimited, and depend on situational tasks.

Dozens of social networks, many web portals, payment systems, dating sites and other projects designed specifically for high loads have already been implemented on the basis of QSNE. In addition, the company offers its own development in the field of artificial intelligence - Qwerty AI - which will become an indispensable tool for both the owners of the portal and its users.

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